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Welcome to dripstop.com, the online home of the DripStop® Valve.

The DripStop® Valve replaces old-fashioned rubber washers and stops faucet leaks forever! Guaranteed for life, the DripStop® Valve uses your faucet’s own internal water pressure to gently create a watertight seal. That’s why it works so much better – and lasts so much longer – than an old-fashioned rubber washer.

The DripStop® Valve can never be over-tightened and makes your faucet easy to turn on and off. That’s why the DripStop® Valve is great for seniors, arthritis sufferers, and people with limited motion!

The DripStop® Valve works in all major brands of compression faucets and will even work if your faucet’s seat is chipped or worn. No ordinary washer can do that!





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